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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Ever wondered what the key attributes are in achieving Success in Finance?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

What is the Success in Finance blog about?

If you’ve listened to the Success in Finance podcast, you will know that each guest is asked to share the 3 key attributes that have enabled them to achieve Success in Finance.

Each week, we will select one of the attributes cited in a previous episode to explore and understand its merits and how it can help you succeed.

As a graduate or newly qualified accountant, imagine the advantage you can give yourself if you can start to hone the attributes that you know successful CFOs and business leaders have relied upon.

What will you learn?

Firstly, the attribute selected will be defined and understood. I will then explore applications of this attribute through people that I have personally seen demonstrate it, coupled with examples of respected figures from the business world.

Once we have acknowledged the importance of the attribute, and how it can help you to succeed, I will provide practical steps for you to cultivate it.

How many “key” attributes can there be?

When I was at university, I was asked to read a book called, Now, Discover your strengths. This listed 34 attributes across 4 different categories. I’m not saying that there are 34 attributes, or any specific number of attributes, out there to be developed. What I am saying is that there are any number of attributes that people might reference in their success.

Again, I’m not insisting that you need to perfect every single attribute that this blog discusses. It is up to you to choose which ones are relevant to you, and to focus on those that will assist you in your career. The aforementioned book also had a test to identify your top 5 strengths. 5 of the 34. You can’t be great at everything, otherwise strengths and weaknesses wouldn’t exist. It’s about using the attributes that you do have to make the best of yourself.

The attributes explored will be driven by the musings of the guests that I have interviewed for the podcast. Will there be overlap in the attributes mentioned. Yes. Will there be new, actionable information provided in each blog. Definitely.


If you want to develop the attributes required to succeed in finance, then subscribe now.

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